Arlen Specter, Smart Politician or Just A Republican Benedict Arnold?

7 05 2009

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No Tea For You….Didn’t You Get The Memo?

7 05 2009

Where Free Speech Belongs....According to the UKs Labour Government Anyway.

Where Free Speech Belongs....According to the UK"s Labour Government Anyway.

I am constantly stunned and upset with the movements that are encroaching on Western governments that seek to block or limit free speech that is deemed intolerant or “dangerous.” The most recent episode in pathetic drama that is the modern Western world was the declaration of radio host Michael Savage ,by the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, as one of the “least wanted people in Britain.” The arguments that the Home Secretary makes in defense of her decision is both weak and unfounded. While I am not necessarily a supporter or fan of Mr. Savage, whose real name is Michael Weiner, I do support the universal human right to the freedom of speech, and find Ms. Smith’s actions to not only be deplorable and intolerant, but a larger reflection of the idiocy and fear that has modern Western governments enthralled.

I will agree from the start that the radio host Michael Savage is a controversial figure, and that he makes inflammatory remarks that not only angers many but also offends many more. I disagree with Mr. Savage on many points, both political and personal. While I am no leftist by any means, I do agree that rude and offensive commentary has no spot in the public light, but nonetheless it is his Constitutional right to voice his opinion. My only suggestion to Mr. Savage would be to try and frame his opinions and arguments in a more polite way that can be appreciated and deliberated over by everyone. Regardless of his shortcomings though, I will stand up for his, and any other person’s, right to speak freely as long as they are not directly advocating violence, chaos or public disturbances.

Now by all definitions Mr. Savage has done none of those things. He has angered many, but if they act out on violence that is their fault, not his. Any person who reacts violently to the voiced opinions of another not only highlights their own intolerance but it equally demonstrates their stupidity and childish nature. This stands for everyone, and it is wrong and irresponsible for us or anyone to blame the speaker, especially if we claim to espouse the liberal ideology of the Enlightenment. Indeed it is the fault of those who react to the voices of those they disagree with, as they have the ultimate decision on how they will act in response. This is in no way a claim that any speaker is free from responsibility. The difference is between someone who is voicing their opinion and beliefs, be it rudely or not, and someone who is directly advocating illegal or hateful activity.

Most Westerners would consider the freedom of speech almost sacred (in fact most Europeans probably do consider it sacred considering their views, or lack thereof, on God) and it is a right that humanity has fought so long for and a precious gift to have received. But what of this ban by the United Kingdom on Michael Savage from entering their nation? According to the Home Office, Mr. Savage is not welcome because he is, “considered to be engaging in unacceptable behaviour by seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence.” Mr. Savage may have views that are offensive to some, but I have never heard or seen any claim by Mr. Savage, in which he was, “seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts.” The idea is sheer idiocy, and it shows the problems of the UK’s Labour Government. Yes, his is right wing, and yes, he is outspoken, but he has done nothing illegal. They are in essence punishing him for a crime which he has not committed, but may commit in the future. This situation goes against nearly every basic judicial doctrine of modern Western society, and should be ammended immediately. Of course this also highlights the problem with the UK’s current government as a tyranny of the majority with no oversight, but that is another discussion…

I will concede that Mr. Savage’s arguments and criticisms of the move by the British government have not always been thought through or accurate. A minor point was the he referred to Ms. Smith as the “Home Secretary of England” which of course doesn’t exist as England is just one of the constituent countries that makes up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It was a false statement, but to be honest worse blunders have bene made, and it was an honest mistake. The comments that drew my ire were his claims that he is guaranteed by the United States Constitutions’ 1st Amendment to freedom of speech. Mr. Savage, just so you know, the US Constitution has no jurisdiction in the UK, or anywhere else outside the US for that matter, because it is a legal document for OUR government. It was a stupid argument and a stupid comment for him to make, especially by a man who is so educated (he has a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley). It would make more sense for him to appeal to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the United Kingdom as a member of the United Nations is supposedly bound to obey, the European Convention on Human Rights (Which, again, Britain is supposedly bound to obey) and most importantly he should refer to the Human Rights Act that was passed by Parliament in 1998. All guarantee his freedom of speech and expression.

Overall this whole fiasco is indicative of the politically correct ideology that motivates Britain’s Labour Party. If they truly consider themselves to be tolerant and modern, they should not only remove the ban and apologize, but they should also review the standards by which they exclude people from their country. Well, that is all for now, I hope you all enjoy this, and we hope to post more soon. Please of course feel free to leave any snide remarks or sarcastic diatribes as it is probably more entertaining than cable.

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We’re Back! (And Hopefully For Good!)

18 04 2009


Sorry folks for our long absence, there have been alot of changes in our own personal lives lately, and we haven’t had much time for blogging. We will start blogging maniacally again shortly and you can expect nothing but the very best….or worst if you disagree with us….in the world of opinion and diatribe. We hope to hear back from as many of you as possible and we hope you enjoy our site.

Underdog Rises to the Top

19 06 2007

You read it here first, folks (at least those of you who didn’t read the Rasmussen article): our boy is at the top of the heap! That’s right: according to Rasmussen Reports, one of the Washington insiders’ most trusted sources for public opinion data, Fred Thompson has just replaced Rudy Giuliani as the number one choice among likely Republican and independent voters. While he is only ahead by one point (28-27), a statistic still well within the margin of error, just seeing him on the charts gets me all giddy: he hasn’t even announced he’s running yet! It gives me this sudden urge to listen to a Bill Conti power ballad and run up the steps of the Phillie Museum of Art. No word yet on whether Thompson plans on running the steps as well. KYLE MANN


Fred Speaks out on Commie Care

18 06 2007

Castro's Mug

As a sort of preparation for the upcoming release of Michael Moore’s completely unbiased and utterly factual film Sicko,  which documents the  pleasantly plump film maker’s attempt to prove the superiority of “free” universal health care to all, I post a link to this thoughtful and well-written (though a tad ripe) blog entry by our favorite presidential hopeful, Fred Thompson.  He says it all much better than I could.

Paradise Island

American Public, Schmerican Public, In The Senate We Do What We Want!

7 06 2007


In an age where emotions run high, and the idea of the rule of law is trampled in to the ground our country is beggining to lose our identity. Congress refuses to secure our borders unless we can offer amnesty, President Bush refuses to secure our borders so as not to anger Mexico, or business interests, and it is the American taxpayer who pays the bill. This issue is more important than feeling bad for those who come here illegally or even finding workers to fill jobs that Americans “won’t fill.” This is about how our core values and our most basic liberties are at stake. Now I am no racist, and as a descendent of an illegal immigrant I can understand their desire to come to the United States and make a better life for themselves. The problem is that many of these illegal aliens who come here also take government handouts and clog our hospitals and school systems. In Southern California many emergency rooms have had to close their doors because illegal immigrants will take their families their for medical treatment knowing that they cannot be refused even if they cannot pay. Of all things I can’t believe why any Republican in Congress would even support the current immigration reform bill! Do they not realize that they are contributing to the death of their own party? Hispanics are overwhelmingly Democratic, especially Democrats love to fund social programs and if they came out in force states that are currently very “Red” like Texas and Arizona would soon become very “Blue.” I do not say this without reason, my father is a construction worker in California and the many illegal immigrants that he works with always complain about how rich white people are, and how racist America is, and how the government needs to do more for them so they have a better chance. That is enraging! How dare they feel ENTITLED to special treatment and how dare they think that people in America don’t do an honest days work! My father and Americans like him put in countless hours of labor and work themselves to exhaustion so his family can have a better life, and my father has never expected nor wanted a dime from the government as he sees that as being weak and also it isn’t the government’s job to do that. I don’t want to see my country fail and fall because a massive new influx of “voters” have dramatically altered the political landscape of the United States. Why can’t politicians in Washington do what nearly 80% of Americans want them to do first? Securing the border is the number one security concern for this country. After we secure the border and start up a guest worker program than we can figure out how to deal with the problem of the approximately 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. I am so frustrated I can’t even put my thoughts in to a professional coherent format for this blog, so I must apologize if my thoughts are scattered and unorganized. Anyway, thanks you for your continued support of the Southpaw, leave us your thoughts, and as always tell your friends about us!

The Mourning of An American Statesmen

6 06 2007


We apologize for our late posting on this, but we here would like to extend out condolences to the family of the late Sen. Craig Thomas who passed away on Monday, June 4th from complications of leukemia. Sen. Thomas was initially treated for what was thought to be pneumonia in November of 2006 but was later discovered to be leukemia. We here at the Southpaw are saddened to see the tragic death of any individual who is serving this great country. We will pray for his family and friends that God may comfort them in this difficult time. As for the announcement of any successor, a temporary appointment will be made by the Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal from a list presented to him by the Wyoming Republican Party until a special election can be held in November 2008 to elect a candidate to finish the term.