wii cant afford that

19 09 2006

Like the shock experienced by thousands every day when the nice Asian girl brings the sushi bill, and you cannot figure out how you spent sixty dollars on uncooked fish: I just found out that Nintendo Wii is going to cost $250 US. I guess that’s cheap, compared to the $399 Xbox and the $599 PS3: but still, I don’t think I’m going to be able to stomach that cost. I plan on going into the mission field in a few years; I can’t spend a quarter grand on a game console… I don’t think. Here’s the downlow: it comes with one controller, one controller attachment, the console itself, and a collection of sports games. I guess that’s not actually a bad deal, but for me, I was hoping for $150-$200. Who do they think I am? A UPS driver? Geez.


like never before

19 09 2006

While driving along Foothill Blvd in beautiful SoCal today, I saw my first Saturn Aura. A good-looking car, in my opinion, though the tail reeks a bit too much of the G6. Good for GM, though, that they finally can build a midsize that holds a candle to the imports. Heck, it holds a good-sized flashlight, actually: 250 hp v6, euro-suspension, good interior, hot looks, good fuel economy, priced right, chops salad, enjoys long walks on the beach, etc.