And There was Much Rejoicing

25 04 2007

Rosie O’ Donnell, a public figure loved by all (liberals), announced today she will retire from her position as host on ABC’s The View, a show where women sit around a table, drink coffee, and talk about housework, er, politics. While she claimed on the air that it was a simple contract dispute, Fox News reports it had to do with the lack of support she received from Barbara Walters during Rosie’s dispute with Donald Trump last year. We will only miss her for the great volume of liberal kookery she gave us to laugh at.



Don’t Shake Sheryl’s Hand

23 04 2007

The bedroom, the boardroom, the classroom: the government’s reach protrudes into even the most intimate areas of our lives. The one safe haven we have is the bathroom: grab a copy of PC Gamer, Popular Mechanics (or the wife’s Good Housekeeping if nothing else is available); drop ’em, and relax as nature does its work. No government regulations involved. Until now. If Sheryl Crow gets her way, we will be limited to the amount of paper tissue we may use in “resolving” our trip to the bathroom. “One square” would be a sufficient amount per visit, according to her. Of course, “on those pesky occasions,” Uncle Sam would graciously allow us to use more. All i want to know is what unfortunate officer has to enforce this law: “Johnson, you’re on bathroom duty today.”


Vermont Loves CoCoa Puffs

20 04 2007

The state of Vermont has officially gone cuckoo. The state passed a measure today that demands the impeachment of President Bush, an act whose authors seem to have completely forgotten the fact that states can’t impeach presidents. In other news, the Supreme Court has declared war on the nation of Rwanda.


Video Game Sales Clearly Aren’t White Men.

20 04 2007

Video game sales last month made like a frog and jumped up 33% from last year’s numbers. Both hardware and software titles (like Sony’s God of War II and Activision’s Guitar Hero series) saw gross sales leap dozens of percentage points above the year-ago totals for the month of March. Anita Fraizer, a sales analyst, attributes the nearly doubled hardware sales to the Nintendo Wii, which she reports has found a market among the once-unreachable “soccer moms.” Hit the link for the full article.


Mmm… they’ve got em in Apple flavor now

18 04 2007

RightZINGRadio, the official podcast of RightZING!, is now available on iTunes. Do a search for “right zing,” and it ought to pop right up. We’ve got Episode 1 (The Phantom Podcast) up now, with Episode 2 (The Attack of the Left) coming on or around Saturday, April 21. Subscribe and feel the Force flow through you.

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Evil Person Commits Evil Act

17 04 2007

I refrained from posting on this yesterday, as a means to ensure my thoughts would be rational and un-driven by emotion or other heat-of-the-moment impulses. Yet now, as the gunsmoke settles, I am able to think more rationally. Rather than politicize this attack to push some idealogical agenda, I would simply like to extend my condolences and sympathies to the grieving families, friends, and surrounding scholastic community in the midst of this awful event. I would like to remind them that it wasn’t their fault in any way, that a totally depraved and evil person committed a brutal, cruel, hateful, selfish act against that campus, and that he did so because he chose to. Do not let yourselves believe the lie that you are to blame, for letting him get the guns, not sitting with him at lunch, or being too rich or too white or any other reason. He is hellishly evil. He stands before God’s judgment throne now, and faces eternal wrath. Our righteous, holy God will carry out justice upon him. My prayers go with you.

In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, so that the tested genuineness of your faith–more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire–may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

-Simon Peter

photo: Fox News

Land of the Free and the Home of….European Political Ideology?

17 04 2007

Maybe I am just an extremely patriotic person who can’t stand being told what to do, or maybe European newspapers should not try to tell America how to run itself. I am appalled and outraged by the number of articles in European newspapers that blame America’s lack of gun control for this horrendous tragedy and their apparent callousness towards the suffering and grief of millions of people across this country. The dust hasn’t even settled and already Europe knows what is best for America and how it should be run. It doesn’t matter to Europeans whether or not firearms are so normal to most Americans that many see them as tools and toys versus weapons. Some papers even went as far as to blame Charlton Heston, indirectly of course, for these shootings. The greatest outrage about this whole incident is that this is not new. European elitists still think that they rule the world and that they know best on how to run a country. They call our interpretation of our own Constitution backwards and say that it is outdated. Who are they to tell us how to interpret the most supreme document in the land. When the Constitution was being written many of our critics were still living in the delusion that all men are not created equal, and that a certain blood line was better than yours. Yes America has had its faults, I will not deny that, but it has made us stronger and more committed to the cause of freedom than ever before. Our backwards laws? How dare they assume such arrogance as to tell us that we are backward and idiotic because we do not measure up to their standards. There are enough problems in Europe for them to deal with, such as the growing Antisemitism that is found in “enlightened” Europe. I can hardly express my thoughts in this blog as I am so outraged that America once again is assailed for honoring the law and time tested rights that millions of Americans fully embrace and our ancestors did embrace to free us from tyranny so long ago. Instead of telling America what it should have done and what it should do, they should be expressing their sympathies to the victims of this tragedy and show their support by grieving with us instead of lecturing us on our “faults.”

Stupid Europeans….