What the heck is the Southpaw anyway?

This blog is dedicated to American principles and the idea of putting America first. There is no left or right here as we will take any idea that we deem to be the best for this great country. While yes we do consider ourselves conservative Republicans, we see no need to “bash” the left nor do we want to pander to the right. We here have seen good and bad on both sides, and we value the differences in the parties. The name itself is just our way of saying that we value both sides. A “southpaw” is a lefty, and as the saying goes the right side of the mind controls the left side of the body. Please indulge us as we like to think that we are occasionally clever. We openly welcome discussion and debate, but we will not tolerate any attacks on ANY politicians personal character or integrity unless their actions call for such a review. We will strive to keep any posts or podcasts professional but ask for flexibility and understanding if our emotions overtake us. We see a great problem in the cultural divide in this country and see no reason to deepen it. The one principal that has made America great more than any other is the value that we put in to our unity for the sake of the individual.


2 responses

8 06 2007

Well done on the website. I am enjoying it thus far so keep up the good work!

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site! 🙂

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