American Public, Schmerican Public, In The Senate We Do What We Want!

7 06 2007


In an age where emotions run high, and the idea of the rule of law is trampled in to the ground our country is beggining to lose our identity. Congress refuses to secure our borders unless we can offer amnesty, President Bush refuses to secure our borders so as not to anger Mexico, or business interests, and it is the American taxpayer who pays the bill. This issue is more important than feeling bad for those who come here illegally or even finding workers to fill jobs that Americans “won’t fill.” This is about how our core values and our most basic liberties are at stake. Now I am no racist, and as a descendent of an illegal immigrant I can understand their desire to come to the United States and make a better life for themselves. The problem is that many of these illegal aliens who come here also take government handouts and clog our hospitals and school systems. In Southern California many emergency rooms have had to close their doors because illegal immigrants will take their families their for medical treatment knowing that they cannot be refused even if they cannot pay. Of all things I can’t believe why any Republican in Congress would even support the current immigration reform bill! Do they not realize that they are contributing to the death of their own party? Hispanics are overwhelmingly Democratic, especially Democrats love to fund social programs and if they came out in force states that are currently very “Red” like Texas and Arizona would soon become very “Blue.” I do not say this without reason, my father is a construction worker in California and the many illegal immigrants that he works with always complain about how rich white people are, and how racist America is, and how the government needs to do more for them so they have a better chance. That is enraging! How dare they feel ENTITLED to special treatment and how dare they think that people in America don’t do an honest days work! My father and Americans like him put in countless hours of labor and work themselves to exhaustion so his family can have a better life, and my father has never expected nor wanted a dime from the government as he sees that as being weak and also it isn’t the government’s job to do that. I don’t want to see my country fail and fall because a massive new influx of “voters” have dramatically altered the political landscape of the United States. Why can’t politicians in Washington do what nearly 80% of Americans want them to do first? Securing the border is the number one security concern for this country. After we secure the border and start up a guest worker program than we can figure out how to deal with the problem of the approximately 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. I am so frustrated I can’t even put my thoughts in to a professional coherent format for this blog, so I must apologize if my thoughts are scattered and unorganized. Anyway, thanks you for your continued support of the Southpaw, leave us your thoughts, and as always tell your friends about us!


The Mourning of An American Statesmen

6 06 2007


We apologize for our late posting on this, but we here would like to extend out condolences to the family of the late Sen. Craig Thomas who passed away on Monday, June 4th from complications of leukemia. Sen. Thomas was initially treated for what was thought to be pneumonia in November of 2006 but was later discovered to be leukemia. We here at the Southpaw are saddened to see the tragic death of any individual who is serving this great country. We will pray for his family and friends that God may comfort them in this difficult time. As for the announcement of any successor, a temporary appointment will be made by the Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal from a list presented to him by the Wyoming Republican Party until a special election can be held in November 2008 to elect a candidate to finish the term.

Its Always Someone Else’s Fault

3 06 2007


With the idea of political responsibility being thrown around its nice to see the traditional idea of scapegoating being used again in politics. The leaders of the Democratic Congress issued a press release that publicizes the accomplishments they have had since they took control of Congress five months ago….and that press release is a meager two pages. With the polls showing that the approval ratings for Congress are even lower than that of President Bush’s, Democrats are starting to feel the noose tightening around them. One of the biggest problems they are having is that they have done next to nothing of what they promised to do, and as a time has shown, they continually blame others for their incompetence.  They pledged to end the Iraq War, that is a work in progress I guess. The only thing that they have managed to do was raise the minimum wage, by attaching it to the war spending bill, because I guess it would be more prudent to impede our country’s current economic growth rather than help it out. My frustration with both parties is high, but the Democrats have peaked my frustration. Their leaders spew anti-American rhetoric, such as Sen. Reid’s “The war is lost” statement, and they constantly overstep their powers, such as Rep. Pelosi’s trips to other countries. As if she had ANY power to enact foreign policy. She makes me angrier than all of them, she has even threatened to change House rules in order to quiet down the opposition Republicans. Sounds like a spoiled brat on a power trip who doesn’t like disagreement. They have trumpeted their investigations in the completely legal firing of 8 US Attorneys and just show how they have done nothing. When asked about government spending on embryonic stem cell research, the committee is still out. (As if the government should be funding projects like that.) But they remain confident that no matter what happens the American people will still see them as the responsible and right leaders for America that they claim to be. Well if the polls that they put so much faith in are any indication of a report card I would say to them, “Fat Chance!” Thank you for reading the Southpaw, leave us your thoughts, and as always tell your friends about us!


 Dems Have Tough Time Enacting Change

Whatever Happened To The Rule Of Law? I Miss That Guy….

30 05 2007


Once again it seems that a basic principle of this country is being sacrificed because of the mere convenience of the moment. It is obvious that here in the United States we have a massive illegal immigration problem. I especially have a problem with the new bill though that is coming through Congress, in that it grants amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants that are living here in this country. Now I know that it doesn’t specifically say amnesty but no matter what you call it a rose is still a rose. Now I have NO problem with immigrants. This country was founded on immigration and I love how people just want to come to the United States because of the limitless opportunity that exists here, and for those of you who just assume that I am an ignorant, Mexican hating, conservative, please just stop. I am part Hispanic and my grandfather was an illegal immigrant. I truly sympathize with those people who want to come to this great nation and make a better life for themselves and that speaks to the problem in our current immigration system if we cannot find a better system to let more people come here to make a better a life for themselves, but just giving all of the people in this country who are here illegally a, for all intensive purposes, visa that will never expire is a slap in the face to all of those who came here legally. But to me the more important issue is the state of our nation’s borders. They are in complete disarray and the crime by the borders is very high. If there is going to be any approach to this issue it will have to be in parts. The number one priority of this country should be to secure its borders. A country cannot exist if it cannot define itself as a nation with its own borders and enforce them to keep all threats out. Once the borders are secured, and once we see progress in that area than we can start to focus on dealing with those peoples who are in this country illegally. I know illegal immigrants from all corners of the globe, not just Mexico. I pray that Congress does not pass this bill that coming through its different chambers, because I know President Bush will not veto it. He is asking the members of Congress to stand up to their districts and pass it. I am shocked by his audacity as the members of Congress are elected to REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. If the people in their district say that they don’t want it passed than DON’T pass it. If your representative does vote for it than don’t re-elect him, its that simple. I am no racist and I am definitely trying to split families apart but I just want some accountability for the members of Congress who seem to think that they can do what they want whether the people want it or not, and the disgusting claims of the president that those of us who oppose it are trying to create fear in the people is ridiculous. The problem that the president has is that he doesn’t want the people to figure out that he is pandering to the business’ in this country that want the cheaper labor. I don’t know what else to say, I am just so angry that there is such inaction, and finger pointing, and that the “leaders” of this country who we voted in to office, will not even uphold one of the most important elements of our founding, the Rule of Law. Thanks for reading the Southpaw, leave us your thoughts, and as always tell your friends about us!


Article on President Bush and Illegal Immigration

Where is the snooze button for these alarmists?

21 05 2007


So we arrive at it again. The continuing hysteria over the THEORY of global warming. Between the ever present propaganda machine that is “The Inconvenient Truth” and now the new film that will be released by Leonardo DiCaprio it seems that there is no stopping the titan of global warming. When is this going to stop? When will society at large finally be told that there are two sides to this debate? It gets worse, because it seems that in Canada they show Gore’s movie and claim that the film is in fact a two sided debate. It would not be academically sound to toss out the theory of global warming because there is not conclusive scientific evidence to discredit. It would be equally irresponsible to see it as complete fact and as the literal end of the world. One of academia’s leading climatologists Reid Bryson calls the latest fears on global warming “absurd”, while other leading climatologists are calling the debate “completely irrational.” Even figures such as the president of the Czech Republic publicly announced that this hysteria will get us no where since we need to look at all the facts. The point is that we do not know enough about our planet and its ever changing atmosphere. I am not calling for a blind eye on global warming because I agree that humanity is exceedingly wasteful and should be more responsible but at the same time, in the US especially, the public needs to educate themselves and than decide as to whether or not they are going to believe in this theory and if so how they are going to act on it. My only fear, since I do not currently subscribe to the theory of global warming, is that this will be become even more politicized and that the government will move to “protect the citizens of our country from themselves.” Sheryl Crow for example claims that we need to impose such radical measures as limiting a bathroom trip to one square of toilet paper. I have no problems if people want to impose that on themselves but in Western society at large we have the freedom as individuals to waste or waste not, and here in the US we do not have a “nanny” government telling us what we can and can’t do in terms of such personal things as that. I see the growing hysteria as being promoted by the media at large but they are not being journalists of integrity by presenting both sides of the issue. I simply wish that there would be more of a civilized and rational outlook on this issue and I could certainly do without anymore comments from those such as Mr. DiCaprio in saying that humanity faces extinction. I believe that the most important thing we need right now is patience. We should let scientists from both sides of the argument conduct more research and draw up more conclusive arguments. As always thank you for reading, let us know your thoughts, and of course tell your friends about us! Also, the picture really has nothing to do with the article I just thought it was hilarious.

Wisconsin Climatologist Article

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New and Improved! (No longer old and inferior)

16 05 2007

We are happy to announce the reorganization of RightZING! and RighZING! Radio in to our new public medium, The Southpaw. We will continue our podcasts and posts even on a much larger scale and will continue to hope that you our faithful readers will pass on our blog to the greater public. Starting tomorrow we will resume our postings on various political and social issues, starting with my ideas and analysis of the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate that happened earlier this evening. We look forward to your comments and can’t wait for a more discussions!

Democratic Fiscal Responsibility

16 04 2007

Once again we see an example of the wonderful responsibility that is exercised by our Democratic friends in Congress. As Spring Break started many members of Congress, the vast majority of which were Democratic, embarked on a number of official visits by delegations from Congress. This sounds like it could be pretty legit and even beneficial considering they were examining how different areas would effect national security with travel, the catch is that they are going to the most popular Caribbean vacation sites with American taxpayers picking up the tab. There is a saying that I love that refers to the two parties in Washington. “Businessmen will take your money up front and you know they do, but politicians take it from you under the guise of taxes. I trust Republicans because they steal out in the open, but Democrats steal from you and try to make it legitimate.” Does it make it right for Republicans to do so? Of course not, and I am just as outraged by the influence of PACs in Washington as any other decent American. But the Democrats visiting popular tourist sites across Europe and the Caribbean on taxpayer’s wallets is completely unacceptable. Speaker Pelosi tried to say that she is being non-partisan in that she tried to include Republicans in this as well, but for some reason the vast majority, I only know of three that accepted, did not care to join them. Well Mr. Pelosi I think that maybe one reason they felt that they shouldn’t go was I don’t know the $1,100.00 a night 5-Star Hotel stays that Congressmen had to have because of the importance of these delegations. Congressional spokesmen are quoted as saying, “they went from 7 AM to 10 PM, there was no down time,” well than I feel bad for all the wives and husbands who were brought along, they obviously had to entertain themselves while these Congressmen worked so diligently to better America. Read the article and make up your own minds but as for me I personally hate using the government for personal betterment as it is a position of service to your fellow citizens and that is not to be taken lightly. Oh and by the way these “public officials” cost the military about $10,000.00 and HOUR just to fly them all over the place from destination to destination. Thanks for our balanced budget Speaker Pelosi.