We Have To Agree That They Disagree

3 06 2007

    So the tune of today’s hysteria isn’t that of terrorism, nuclear weapons, or even a Barbara Streisand “I Love America…But Not Really” tour. Nope it seems that the single threat that is greater than all of those is that of Global Warming. Leading the charge is of course our fearless, former second-in-command Al Gore. With such claims as, “The science is settled it is now time for action.” Well Mr. Gore I am going to have to disagree, you see a solid chunk of the climatologist community, 49% according to some polls, do not even believe in Global Warming. Why has the public at large not been told of this? I am at a loss for words other than the fact that the mainstream media doesn’t care about facts as they have an agenda and their friends in these radical groups and authoritarian activists would be very upset if they started to report reality. Now I have no problem if you believe in Global Warming, but do not even presume to think that you have the right to tell us how to deal with it. If you want to change it than go ahead and change your life to be more eco-friendly. One of the basic principles of this country is our priceless individual freedom, and such calls by some to outlaw trucks and SUV’s, limit our bathroom trips to one sheet of toilet paper, and other ridiculous measures are all infringements on our personal freedoms. Now I don’t believe in being excessively wasteful but you have the right to use as much or as little as you can. I am so afraid of the hysteria that is being caused by the THEORY of global warming. It just seems like a perfect opportunity for the government to come in through the back door and take more control of our lives. I had faith that not much would be done, especially since President Bush has been such a stalwart foe of global warming but now that it seems to be politically expedient he has reversed himself and called for carbon emission reductions to be in place by the end of his term. Where is our country going? All I can hope for is that at least there will be more journalists that recognize the value of publicizing the dissent in the scientific community over the monster of global warming. Thanks for reading the Southpaw, leave us your thoughts, and as always tell your friends about us!


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The Man of the Hour!

30 05 2007


Its finally here! The moment we at The Southpaw have been waiting for! There was a glimmer of hope for us in this already murky field of candidates in that a senior aid and adviser to Sen. Fred Thompson, the former US senator from Tennessee and actor, will most likely declare his intent to run for the position of the presidency of the United States over the Fourth of July weekend. I have kept tabs on Sen. Thompson ever since I heard that he was considering running for the presidency because of the lack of “star-power” in the current field of Republican candidates. He has kept it in the dark just hinting here and there about whether he would for sure be running but it seems all but official now. Sen. Thompson is what I see as a truly conservative candidate who has the “celebrity” to draw on different elements of the voter base to propel him in to office. I don’t really have much more to say, our videos that we have posted are pretty self-evident of his standings on a number of issues and I see him as the most fitting candidate for the job, with Mike Huckabee hopefully taking over in a little over 8 years. Thanks for reading the Southpaw, leave us your thoughts, and as always please tell your friends about us.

 Article on Sen. Thompson’s candidacy

Where is the snooze button for these alarmists?

21 05 2007


So we arrive at it again. The continuing hysteria over the THEORY of global warming. Between the ever present propaganda machine that is “The Inconvenient Truth” and now the new film that will be released by Leonardo DiCaprio it seems that there is no stopping the titan of global warming. When is this going to stop? When will society at large finally be told that there are two sides to this debate? It gets worse, because it seems that in Canada they show Gore’s movie and claim that the film is in fact a two sided debate. It would not be academically sound to toss out the theory of global warming because there is not conclusive scientific evidence to discredit. It would be equally irresponsible to see it as complete fact and as the literal end of the world. One of academia’s leading climatologists Reid Bryson calls the latest fears on global warming “absurd”, while other leading climatologists are calling the debate “completely irrational.” Even figures such as the president of the Czech Republic publicly announced that this hysteria will get us no where since we need to look at all the facts. The point is that we do not know enough about our planet and its ever changing atmosphere. I am not calling for a blind eye on global warming because I agree that humanity is exceedingly wasteful and should be more responsible but at the same time, in the US especially, the public needs to educate themselves and than decide as to whether or not they are going to believe in this theory and if so how they are going to act on it. My only fear, since I do not currently subscribe to the theory of global warming, is that this will be become even more politicized and that the government will move to “protect the citizens of our country from themselves.” Sheryl Crow for example claims that we need to impose such radical measures as limiting a bathroom trip to one square of toilet paper. I have no problems if people want to impose that on themselves but in Western society at large we have the freedom as individuals to waste or waste not, and here in the US we do not have a “nanny” government telling us what we can and can’t do in terms of such personal things as that. I see the growing hysteria as being promoted by the media at large but they are not being journalists of integrity by presenting both sides of the issue. I simply wish that there would be more of a civilized and rational outlook on this issue and I could certainly do without anymore comments from those such as Mr. DiCaprio in saying that humanity faces extinction. I believe that the most important thing we need right now is patience. We should let scientists from both sides of the argument conduct more research and draw up more conclusive arguments. As always thank you for reading, let us know your thoughts, and of course tell your friends about us! Also, the picture really has nothing to do with the article I just thought it was hilarious.

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New and Improved! (No longer old and inferior)

16 05 2007

We are happy to announce the reorganization of RightZING! and RighZING! Radio in to our new public medium, The Southpaw. We will continue our podcasts and posts even on a much larger scale and will continue to hope that you our faithful readers will pass on our blog to the greater public. Starting tomorrow we will resume our postings on various political and social issues, starting with my ideas and analysis of the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate that happened earlier this evening. We look forward to your comments and can’t wait for a more discussions!

Paper or Biodegradable Plastic?

10 04 2007

The now famous line, “paper or plastic?”, employed liberally by grocery clerks and chuckle-inducing commercials alike, may soon go the way of Beta, the eight-track and POGs. According to the Los Angeles Times, LA is currently considering a ban of plastic grocery bags, much like its slightly foggier cousin San Francisco to the north. Although we have no details on the specific plan being proposed, one can only assume it would be similar in nature to San Fran’s landmark statute; that is, imposing fines on scofflaw grocers and compelling them to replace the bags with biodegradable alternatives. No harm done, right? Well, the “green” replacements cost a whopping eight times as much as the vintage ones; thus, the difference will invariably be passed on to you, the consumer. I don’t know what makes me angrier, that frozen dinners will set me back a few more cents, or that the line “paper or biodegradable alternative?” isn’t quite as catchy…