Fred Speaks out on Commie Care

18 06 2007

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As a sort of preparation for the upcoming release of Michael Moore’s completely unbiased and utterly factual film Sicko,  which documents the  pleasantly plump film maker’s attempt to prove the superiority of “free” universal health care to all, I post a link to this thoughtful and well-written (though a tad ripe) blog entry by our favorite presidential hopeful, Fred Thompson.  He says it all much better than I could.

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New and Improved! (No longer old and inferior)

16 05 2007

We are happy to announce the reorganization of RightZING! and RighZING! Radio in to our new public medium, The Southpaw. We will continue our podcasts and posts even on a much larger scale and will continue to hope that you our faithful readers will pass on our blog to the greater public. Starting tomorrow we will resume our postings on various political and social issues, starting with my ideas and analysis of the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate that happened earlier this evening. We look forward to your comments and can’t wait for a more discussions!

Democratic Fiscal Responsibility

16 04 2007

Once again we see an example of the wonderful responsibility that is exercised by our Democratic friends in Congress. As Spring Break started many members of Congress, the vast majority of which were Democratic, embarked on a number of official visits by delegations from Congress. This sounds like it could be pretty legit and even beneficial considering they were examining how different areas would effect national security with travel, the catch is that they are going to the most popular Caribbean vacation sites with American taxpayers picking up the tab. There is a saying that I love that refers to the two parties in Washington. “Businessmen will take your money up front and you know they do, but politicians take it from you under the guise of taxes. I trust Republicans because they steal out in the open, but Democrats steal from you and try to make it legitimate.” Does it make it right for Republicans to do so? Of course not, and I am just as outraged by the influence of PACs in Washington as any other decent American. But the Democrats visiting popular tourist sites across Europe and the Caribbean on taxpayer’s wallets is completely unacceptable. Speaker Pelosi tried to say that she is being non-partisan in that she tried to include Republicans in this as well, but for some reason the vast majority, I only know of three that accepted, did not care to join them. Well Mr. Pelosi I think that maybe one reason they felt that they shouldn’t go was I don’t know the $1,100.00 a night 5-Star Hotel stays that Congressmen had to have because of the importance of these delegations. Congressional spokesmen are quoted as saying, “they went from 7 AM to 10 PM, there was no down time,” well than I feel bad for all the wives and husbands who were brought along, they obviously had to entertain themselves while these Congressmen worked so diligently to better America. Read the article and make up your own minds but as for me I personally hate using the government for personal betterment as it is a position of service to your fellow citizens and that is not to be taken lightly. Oh and by the way these “public officials” cost the military about $10,000.00 and HOUR just to fly them all over the place from destination to destination. Thanks for our balanced budget Speaker Pelosi.


Not-so Scandalous Scandal

10 04 2007

Well, here comes the storm: the House Judiciary Committee has just issued a subpoena to Alberto Gonzalez in response to the firings of eight United States attorneys earlier this year. He is to respond with the pertinent information by April 16, a deadline which the Justice Department has declared difficult to meet and demanding. I just love watching our fine public servants waste our money investigating perfectly legal and expected actions by our President. Next they’ll be investigating whether the color tie he wears is a scandal. What would they call that? Tiegate? Hit the jump for the full story from Fox News.


Como se dice ‘Santa Ana’?

9 04 2007

The AP has released a story which purports that the Southern California city of Santa Ana recently initiated a program to help its residents learn a different language than the one they already speak: in other words, teach them English. Apparently, about 80% of the city’s residents speak a language other than English at home, while 51% of residents don’t speak the language very well at all. And my favorite part: this program carries an estimated $4.5 million dollar price tag. But I guess the upside is I’ll be able to buy roses on the side of the freeway in English…

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