Arlen Specter, Smart Politician or Just A Republican Benedict Arnold?

7 05 2009

More thoughts to come, just gimme some time. Vote in the poll, thoughts are always appreciated.


We’re Back! (And Hopefully For Good!)

18 04 2009


Sorry folks for our long absence, there have been alot of changes in our own personal lives lately, and we haven’t had much time for blogging. We will start blogging maniacally again shortly and you can expect nothing but the very best….or worst if you disagree with us….in the world of opinion and diatribe. We hope to hear back from as many of you as possible and we hope you enjoy our site.

Underdog Rises to the Top

19 06 2007

You read it here first, folks (at least those of you who didn’t read the Rasmussen article): our boy is at the top of the heap! That’s right: according to Rasmussen Reports, one of the Washington insiders’ most trusted sources for public opinion data, Fred Thompson has just replaced Rudy Giuliani as the number one choice among likely Republican and independent voters. While he is only ahead by one point (28-27), a statistic still well within the margin of error, just seeing him on the charts gets me all giddy: he hasn’t even announced he’s running yet! It gives me this sudden urge to listen to a Bill Conti power ballad and run up the steps of the Phillie Museum of Art. No word yet on whether Thompson plans on running the steps as well. KYLE MANN


And There was Much Rejoicing

25 04 2007

Rosie O’ Donnell, a public figure loved by all (liberals), announced today she will retire from her position as host on ABC’s The View, a show where women sit around a table, drink coffee, and talk about housework, er, politics. While she claimed on the air that it was a simple contract dispute, Fox News reports it had to do with the lack of support she received from Barbara Walters during Rosie’s dispute with Donald Trump last year. We will only miss her for the great volume of liberal kookery she gave us to laugh at.


Don’t Shake Sheryl’s Hand

23 04 2007

The bedroom, the boardroom, the classroom: the government’s reach protrudes into even the most intimate areas of our lives. The one safe haven we have is the bathroom: grab a copy of PC Gamer, Popular Mechanics (or the wife’s Good Housekeeping if nothing else is available); drop ’em, and relax as nature does its work. No government regulations involved. Until now. If Sheryl Crow gets her way, we will be limited to the amount of paper tissue we may use in “resolving” our trip to the bathroom. “One square” would be a sufficient amount per visit, according to her. Of course, “on those pesky occasions,” Uncle Sam would graciously allow us to use more. All i want to know is what unfortunate officer has to enforce this law: “Johnson, you’re on bathroom duty today.”


Vermont Loves CoCoa Puffs

20 04 2007

The state of Vermont has officially gone cuckoo. The state passed a measure today that demands the impeachment of President Bush, an act whose authors seem to have completely forgotten the fact that states can’t impeach presidents. In other news, the Supreme Court has declared war on the nation of Rwanda.


Video Game Sales Clearly Aren’t White Men.

20 04 2007

Video game sales last month made like a frog and jumped up 33% from last year’s numbers. Both hardware and software titles (like Sony’s God of War II and Activision’s Guitar Hero series) saw gross sales leap dozens of percentage points above the year-ago totals for the month of March. Anita Fraizer, a sales analyst, attributes the nearly doubled hardware sales to the Nintendo Wii, which she reports has found a market among the once-unreachable “soccer moms.” Hit the link for the full article.